When the puppy was found he was crying from fear and impotence

When the puppy was found he was crying from fear and impotence.

A local villager passed near the pipe and heard some crying noises. When the man looked at who was there he noticed a small dirty puppy sitting there.
The man decided to help the puppy and applied for rescue service. The activists immediately came to the place. Probably the dog was left there by people.

As the baby was sitting there it seemed that he was waiting for someone to come and take him from there. But no one came.
The stranger gave his hand to a puppy and he happily moved his tail. It seemed that he was not afraid and allowed them to touch him. It was clear that he was a pet.

The man took the baby home and washed him. Surprisingly, the dog did not resist and was very quiet and calm. After cleaning him it turned out that the dog is very beautiful and charming. He started to feel better and quickly moved his tail.

The activist gave the dog food and loved him. After getting such love he even started to feel better. It was clear how thankful he was for such an attitude.
The man decided to help the dog and find a new home and carry owners for the puppy.

After this, he deserves the best.

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