The dog got injured while protecting the family

The Bates family decided to spend its weekend in the Park.
But it turned out to be a terrible night when they met a black bear there.

The parents scared their kids by themselves and then made noises.
But the predator did not pay attention to anything and moved towards the son.

And at that time the seven years old dog hurried to protect the owners.
So she appeared between the bear and the son and covered the baby with her body.

The mother said that everything happened so quickly that they could not even realize what was happening.
The bear managed to bite the dog many times. At that time Greg took the gun and shot at the bear.

The dog named Sally got many injuries but fortunately was saved
The family took the animal to the hospital and here it turned out that she did not get any serious injuries and everything will be good with her.

The doctors said that she is a strong dog and will soon be completely recovered.
The family could not also blame the bear as they often go out to people and attack them. This often happens in Alaska.
But finally, they all are saved thanks to the brave dog.

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