The man kissed and hugged his dog who died after several seconds

The dog was already fourteen years old. It was sick and the doctors could not find a cure for it.
And they found that the only way was to put the animal to sleep forever.

That was a heartbreaking moment when the man remembered the day he adopted the puppy.
That was the happiest day of their life. And they immediately loved each other. And he became the son of the man.

And now they had to say goodbye to each other. The man cried nonstop as it was difficult for him to part with his loyal friend. He strongly hugged his friend and cried. He was very thankful for being such a loyal friend. And wanted to forgive him for doing so.

But they had to do it.
But it seemed that the dog understood his owner for that. As he wanted to stop all his pains.

And the doctor gave him medicine and after that, he slept forever. The owner cried loudly and it seemed that he wanted to take him back to life. But it was too late.
It was the most difficult moment in his life. Also, it was very hard to imagine that he lost his friend and he had to continue living without him.

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