This endangered Amazon animal was noted as being alive for the 1st time in 80 years

The number of endangered animals’ list had become larger.
But the animals who were considered to be endangered are now spotted.

One of them is The Vanzolini bald-faced saki. These monkeys are from South America.
They were first spotted in the 30s and nobody could think that they could be seen after 80 years.

People thought that disappeared and now it’s unusual to see them.
During the last discovery, this animal was suddenly noticed. But this was shocking, told Laura Marsh, who was the director of the Global Conservation Institute.

She tells about her emotions when she saw the animal. It was a real shock for her.
She was so surprised that she even forgot to capture the animal.

This animal had a long tail and golden fur.
Also, she added that they were not the first animals who were considered to be endangered and then noticed. This was real magic that no one would expect.

Her team isolated the animal as they were afraid that they would be touched by people. Now they will pay more attention to the animals whose lives are at risk.

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