These puppies have the same parents but did not look like each other

These 3 puppies were found on the street without their mother. The guardians started to look after them but when they became older they noticed that the babies are different from each other though they have the same parents.

These 3 puppies were saved from USA streets as they lost their mom. The puppies were just born and needed care. But fortunately, they appeared in safe hands, where people accepted them with pleasure.

The puppies are called Chip, Brownie, and Rocky. They soon grow up and become healthy.
When they were little they looked at each other very much but when they grew up they differed from each other. They differed in their ears and textures of wool.

Everyone was shocked about their appearance. How they could be so different. Then, their story was posted on social media and they got everyone’s attention.

They quickly found owners. They also went DNA, to be sure that they are from the same parents. And they were really from the same parents.

Now they have their own families and are very happy with their owners. But still, they are very connected to each other.

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