The woman started to take care of the sick dog who was similar to a scarecrow, and after some time the animal became unrecognizable

This story is about kindness that won and magic happened. Everything started when Kalina Turner saw Karo. ‘Karo is a German dog but it was similar to something else’, told Kalina.

When the woman approached she saw that the animal was hurt. He needed help as he could not move. So the woman started to free the man and she was surprised as he calmly waited till he finished the work.

When they took the animal to the vet it became clear that it had lost weight.
The dog had to stay there for some time. The woman frequently visited him and looked after him.

She wanted to look after him till he would gain strength. But after some time she understood that she did not want to be separated from the animal.

And after getting some care he gained weight.
The family has a new member. She already had a 7-year-old pet named Casey.

At first, the dog accepted the new member without any joy but then they became friends.
The woman was very careful with him. After three weeks she gained 10.5 kg.

Also, his fur started to grow.
Karo has a nice personality and is very sociable.

He loves kids very much.
Moreover, he had his own Instagram page.

The new owners could not live without him anymore.
His future will be good.

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