The woman lost her dog and finally managed to find her

The woman lost her dog and finally managed to find her.

A dog called Lord was lost 2 years ago. The woman looked at her everywhere but her efforts were useless. But she did not give up and continued to look for it.
Once the animal shelter posted a photo of a homeless dog. The animal was dirty and had the same blue eyes.

When the woman saw the photo of the animal she immediately called the shelter as she thought it was her dog. And when she saw the animal she was depressed.
Then, the woman called the dog by her name “Tootaroota”, and once she heard it she ran towards the woman. She got up on his legs and sniffed the woman.

Also, she looked at the woman for a long time and came closer to her. It seemed that she remembered her owner. Once, she remembered that she hugged and kissed the woman. Also, she started to move her tail and that was the sign that she remembered her.

Now they are together and both feel very happy as they are reunited again. The dog loves her family and each member of the family loves her in response.

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