The woman hurried to help the homeless dog to find a home

The woman hurried to help the homeless dog to find a home.

Without a Nativity scene, Christmas could not be full. The image of Jesus’ birthplace is a reminder for many people about what the holiday is about. It seems that animals also like Nativity scenes. And sometimes people met them in the mangers where Jesus should be. But they just look for a place where they could stay.

Nádia Rosângela went to see the nativity scene with her husband and son. The image of baby Jesus was not there yet but surprisingly someone was sleeping in the manger.
It was a wandering dog. But it was a beautiful moment.

The woman says that she was surprised and could not wait to see such a scene. It was such a lovely moment.
The dog was asleep and did not wake up although many people came and passed.

The woman wanted to help the dog but she could not add one more pet to her home. But she decided to post the picture on social media.
Soon, one of her friends took the dog and assured her that he would no longer stay on the street.

The woman was so happy for the dog as he’s already in safe hands and she wishes all animals will have the same luck.
It seemed that the dog was making Jesus present.

This is a wonderful story and we are the dog now has a home.

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