The poor lion who was treated very badly during all its life finally gained freedom

This poor abused animal felt the smell of freedom after being in captivity.
The animal spent his whole life in a harsh condition and finally now he found the way to freedom.

But she could not get that much-desired freedom without the help of kind rescuers.
She is just a five-year-old lovely lion and was among the poor lions who struggled very much during their life.

They all were saved by the UK wildlife center. During the time they were obliged to entertain spectators and at the same time treated very badly. Her body was seriously injured. But still, she had enough power to survive under such hard conditions.

One of the operators told how strong was the animal who managed to cope with such difficulties during her life.
Her life was endangered and every time it could be fatal for her. But after being saved she underwent an operation and now can stand on her feet.

She got long-term treatment and now she could play again. She is now free and could enjoy her time. The saviors are also happy to see her in such a good condition.

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