The poor elephant asked for people’s help and kind people helped him

The poor elephant asked for people’s help and kind people helped him.

As it is known elephants are considered to be the smartest creatures in the animal world. This is not only connected with the special memory but also with their willingness to overcome any problem.

Once an elephant approached the doctors and they were amazed by that. They immediately understood that something was wrong with him.
Probably the animal needed something but the doctors couldn’t understand what.

Doctors thought that they needed to defend themselves but then they understood that there is no need for it.
But then they understood what happened. Something was wrong with his head.

Later it turned out that the animal was in pain. Doctors named him Pretty Boy.
The poor elephant got a shot and probably the problem was so serious. But fortunately, they knew how they could help the animal. Later, the X-rays show that if the bullet were a little lower than could be fatal for him.

Thank God the doctors could remove the bullet. Now the animal is feeling good and as it is proved they never forget kind jobs. Also, they will always remember who helped them.

So, the animals could select good doctors while approaching them. This is not a surprising thing as they are popular with their intuition.
Let’s hope that later the animal will avoid such rude people.

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