The poor dog who lost all her paws finally found a permanent home and became surrounded with love

The little puppy was hardly beaten by the shop owner who wanted to make her meat more tender.
Moreover, her paws were tied in the way that she also got an infection. Her condition was getting worse.

So, she could not be used as meat anymore and they threw the dog in the garbage.
How can someone act so cruelly?

Fortunately, the savior appeared on time and the dog was saved.
The dog’s legs would be amputated to save her life. But even in such a condition, the animal did not stop being thankful for her savior. This is how dogs could be thankful to people.

‘She was saved, and after the operation, she wanted her feet and she could not stop smiling at me and also wagged her tail’, said the rescuer.

The name of the dog was Chi Chi, which translated from Korean means “loving”.
She stayed about two months in the hospital to be fully recovered. After that, she will move to Arizona. Now she waits for her owners.

And fortunately, now she gets the love that she deserves.

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