The poor dog was suffocating in the frozen water when the man suddenly saw him, and what happened to him then?

The man was shocked when he saw the poor animal on the water.
Many people endanger their lives to save animals and this is one of the most appreciable jobs that one could ever do.

Such kinds of people are animal lovers who do their best to help them. One of these kind people was a Russian man who started to help the poor creature without hesitation once he noticed it.

The dog appeared in this situation when he tried to catch the duck. So, he fell into the water.
The man who noticed the dog did not even lose time and started to act.

He approached the animal who could not keep himself in the water. The doggy was worried as he did not know whether the man wanted to help him or not. So, he started to bark when noticed that the man came closer to him.

The scared dog also bites the hand of the man. But the man did not stop and continued his action. So he went till the end and helped the doggy. Thanks to his efforts the dog survived.

Society was also thankful to him for such support. The man’s hand was injured but he was happy as he could do a kind job.

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