The poor cat slept in the truck after being found alone on the road

Once, a truck driver hit a stone on the road. But this was not a stone, but a little cat.
No one knows the conditions of how the animal appeared there all alone.

So, the man took the animal and went to the hospital. Here, the poor creature was given an injection.
Then, the cat slept in the truck. And the man did not want to wake the cat up. All the way he enjoyed the presence of the kitten.

Probably this was love at first sight. But he could not keep the animal for a long time as he had some allergies. So, he did his best to find owners for the cat.

He gave an announcement about the cat and 2 people appeared who wanted to take the cat. But the man could not feel any love from the people towards the animal.

He did not give the cat to these people and continued to look for other owners. This was not an easy thing but he finally found people who took the cat.
It’s nice that there are such lovely animals in the world who think about animals.

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