The police officer helped the scared and neglected doggy who was alone on the interstate

There are so many stories about homeless and poor animals who are rejected by their owners.
This is a story of a dog who also stayed alone. The poor doggy was afraid and stayed in the center of traffic.

It was a usual Sunday. The police officer wanted to see if an accident had happened that caused a traffic jam but she noticed a dog who was scared and could not move.

This animal causes a jam. She was also scared and nobody cared about its condition. Everyone was emotionless.
Fortunately, the officer appeared there who was careful with the animal. So she had a dog treat with her. And her plan was successful. The dog was allowed to be taken away.

So, the owner of the dog stopped the car and pulled it away. And it was an awful moment to see it. The dog is now in the shelter and enjoys her snacks. After some time she lost her fears and became more friendly. And then she was called Grace.

Now she finally got the attention that she needed.
So, thanks to the police officer, the dog survived.

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