The photo of the gorilla who hugged the man was captured by the photographer who got a Year award

The wildlife photographers are animal lovers and are always ready to defend their rights.
Probably you might think that they do not do anything hard just taking the camera and capturing them but in reality, they made great efforts.

They pass dangerous paths to have great photos and allow people to know about animals’ life and other interesting facts about them.
Instead, they spend more time in nature.

Indeed, some rewards can motivate photographers. Today’s story is about a photographer who won an award.
This is an emotional story of a gorilla and a man. In the photo, the gorilla warmly hugged the man.

This moment was captured by a photographer named Jo-Anne McArthur.
The monkey would be sold. But she saved due to the charity group’s efforts.

But the animal woke up during the transfer as the sedation effect was passed.
And then she was with her savior. And once she saw its savior she cuddled with him.
And here you can see the photos of them.

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