The owner of the dog thought that she had died but then the savers found her in the mountains

The owner of the dog thought that she had died but then the savers found her in the mountains.

Once, a Hope For Paws got a call from Animal Control. They were informed that one wandering dog is living in the mountains and often came to the residential building in search of food. So, they asked for help because they tried a couple of times to pick the dog but they could not do so.

When the savers came they noticed a poor frightened dog. And they had to do everything needed for this creature. The dog was very scared and careful. The activists decided to apply for an appetizing way to catch the dog.

Although she was nervous, she could not reject delicious food. When the saver kept the food she came closer and started to eat it from her hands. While the dog was distracted the other saver could catch her. At first, she was surprised and tried to free herself but soon she understood that these people will not harm her and calmed down.

The rescuers named her Edna. Then they immediately scanned her chip. And then it turned out that her owner gave her to a new family who decided to get rid of her after a short time. Now, the volunteers informed the ex-owner that the dog was alive.

Two years have passed!
But the owner could not take her back and asked the shelter to find her new kind owners.

The dog immediately became friends with the rest of the animals in the shelter.
After a short time, she was adopted by a new family. And fortunately, she was given another chance to love!

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