The mother dog was distressed as she lost her infant babies but then the rescuers found pups who helped her to overcome everything

This is a story about a dog who was left alone when she was about three years old. When the rescuers found her she was pregnant and was going to give birth to her puppies.

But she had some problems. But only after giving birth to her puppies could start taking care of herself and getting some treatment.
Unfortunately, only one of the puppies could stay alive after birth. The poor dog was depressed and she refused to even eat or drink something.

The people who looked after Blossom were afraid of her life. But then one of the workers suggested bringing 6 puppies to Blossom so that she could look after them and everything drastically changed.

These 6 pups were infants and they needed parental care. The dog took the responsibility of looking after them. Now the mother dog has babies and the infant babies have a mother who was very careful with them.

And due to these 6 infants the mother could overcome her difficulties. And she is a good example for everyone to follow. So, it shows that you can cope with everything when you support each other.

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