The mother bear is relaxing with her 5 babies in the backyard of a New Jersey family.

We all think about how to relax and have a good time in summer. And many of us enjoy swimming in the pools. And this is a story about bears who also love swimming in pools.
It was a usual day when a family heard some noises coming from outside.

When they went to see what was wrong they saw the bears who were already in the pool.
They could not wait to see such a thing. They all were surprised and were afraid to approach them. Then, the woman started to film the moment. The children were sad as the bears were playing with their toys.

The mother bear was also swimming in the pool. The cubs were even chewing the balls.
It was a real mess.
The family could not do anything besides watch them.

The bears were making the playground into pieces. The father was also upset. But the woman continues filming the moment. She also tried to explain to her babies that they could not do anything more.

This bear family continued to have fun and the poor family could not do anything.

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