The man took his dying pet to the mountain for his last adventure

Dogs are the most loyal animals in the world who will never leave you alone in trouble. They will chase their owner anywhere they go and are ready to do everything for them.

The man named Carlos Fresco traveled about ten years with his pet but then the illness separated them.
The man took the dog 10 years ago and called him Monty.

They immediately became close friends and traveled together to the UK.
But 18 months ago the puppy got ill.

Doctors made a diagnosis, leukemia.
Then it turned out that they had to part away.

So, the man decided to go on a last adventure with his lovely dog.
They went to the Welsh town.

The dog could not even normally move so the man took a wheelbarrow for his dog. So, they went together to see the landscapes.
So, they had a happy last day and enjoyed their time together.

After some time, the man heard the bad news. The disease won the puppy.
It was very hard for the man to accept the reality but the man was happy as he did everything possible to make his pet happy.

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