The homeless dog found a little puppy and helped him who was tied up

This dog amazed everyone with its kindness.
Dmitry Timchenko met an amazing moment of pet harmony. He was going to a store when suddenly met a tied dog in the street.

The owner of the dog entered a store and tied the poor animal to the street. And the passer could not stay indifferent.
He thought that the dog was alone and homeless.

Timchenko said that the dog approached the puppy and loosen its knot.
Now the poor puppy is finally free and can join in adventures.

They immediately became friends and wanted to be together. The owner of the pitbull placed it there and made him wait for him.
‘So, I entered the store and called the owner ’, he said.

The dog had a big heart.
No one knows the origin of the dog but Timchenko thought he was happy living in the street.
And they hoped that the dog would find someone who would be as kind as he was.

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