The man did not have any intention to take poor kittens but his wife had another opinion

The rain helped the animals to find shelters.
Two little cats never saw their mom. No one knows if something happened with their mother or if she just refused to take parental duties.

Then suddenly Anya and Andrei met 2 kittens.
The man did not want to adopt one more pet as they already have a dog, cat, and a pig.

The cats looked at them and it seemed they understood everything.
Then they decided to feed the animals outside the site. Andrei thought that would help them to understand that they are not their owners.

But how long could this continue? In the cold weather, the kittens hid under the porch.
One day when it was raining Anya could not sleep. She thought about the babies all the time.

The next day they woke up hearing pleasant sounds. That is what the cat’s purr is. When he opened his eyes he saw the baby who was next to him.
Then Andrei asked Anya if she brought them there.

The girl opened her eyes and was surprised to see this. But she did not know how they could appear there.
At that time they both decided to keep the kittens forever. Although the home will be full of animals, they will spread love all over the home.

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