The loyal dog did not want to leave his 3 years old friend

The loyal dog did not want to leave his 3 years old friend.

The little boy was named Peyton. He and his family are living in America with their dog named Dash.
The family took the dog when he was very little. Then he became older and never left his family even for a minute. The dog was always with them.

Dash and Payton did everything together. They were playing, sleeping, and walking with each other.

The boy, like most children, was very naughty. Once, he fought with his sister. The parents have to give timeout to their kid as they had no other chance. The son needs to understand his behavior. But the dog could not leave his friend alone and decided to join him.

They stood in the corner together and the mother found these two when she came to talk with her son.
When the mother saw this emotional picture she calmed and stopped being angry.

Parents were very happy as their son has such a loyal dog with him.
This case once again shows how loyal the dogs are and that true and real friend will never leave their friends alone when they are in need.

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