The local people immortalized the cat’s memory after her death

The local people immortalized the cat’s memory after her death.

Probably, everyone in the world likes cats. These fluffy creatures are similar to little children. These animals are emotional both at a young age and in their adulthood.

Also, it’s interesting to know that cats remember their owners. And probably you do not know about this.

Also, in some cases, all people from the city remember these animals. And such an occasion did happen in one of Turkey’s cities.

Once a photographer took a picture of a cat who was sitting in a very funny way and relaxing on the street, after this picture the cat became very popular among the whole world.

After appearing on the internet the picture became popular and exploded on the World Wide Web. So, she became a popular legend.
But after a short time, she died because she was already old. In the city, people decided to glorify the cat and created a monument to her.

Also, this monument has a special meaning. Every time each person will see the statue they will remember that he/she needs to find free time for just sitting and relaxing.

Moreover, the statue is loved by other cats who often come and sit there as a sign of their popular friend.

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