The kind Golden Retriever came back with an abandoned cat whom he heroically saved.

The kind dog could not pass indifferently near the abandoned cat who was starving with hunger.
There is a stereotype about cats and dogs that they could not get along with each other.

But various cases prove the opposite and show how warmly they could be with each other. Hearing the story your heart will melt. This is about a kind dog who saved a homeless kitten and took him home.

The dog was in the countryside with its owner when noticed a wandering cat. So, he could not be indifferent to the animal. So he held the baby and took him to his owner. The owner wanted to find its family but there was no one nearby, So, it was clear that the cat was alone.

The owner understood that it was the right time to do something as the kitten was in the worst condition and could die.
They came home together with the cat and the owner started to feed it. Now it was safe and full. During that time the kind dog did not leave the poor cat and stayed with it till the end.

After some time, the cat gathered enough energy and started to feel well. So, this story once again proves that there could be friendship between dogs and cats and that they look after each other carefully.

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