The grateful donkey could not stop smiling after surviving drowning

Unfortunately, animals could not talk as people do. They cannot be compared with people but indeed they also have some feelings. And this is a story about a donkey that proved how thankful animals could be.

This helpless animal was found in a flood. The poor donkey was drowning.
Most probably, not everyone knows that during a flood savors help only people’s lives, and then if they manage they help others like animals. Their life is always endangered.

And in such cases, time is priceless. And fortunately, there are many cases when kind people also could help animals.
This story is about a donkey who was barely saved during a flood.

Her owner could leave indifferent but due to her caring owner, the savor group managed to be on time and help the poor animal. This was very risky but they did it. They made great efforts to help him. And the animal stayed alive.

Eventually, all their efforts gave results, and the animal smiled again. This moment was priceless and everyone felt happy for him. And many people gathered there to help him and they were grateful for him.

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