The giant marine creature who was popular as “the sea angel” was noticed being about 1500 ft below the waves

The amazing marine creature was named “the sea angel”.
The biologists went to explore and investigate the deep parts of the White Sea and suddenly noticed one of the rarest marine creatures ever.

They could not expect such a thing to happen.
The man is from Moscow State University Sea Biologist Station and was the first one who caught the marine animal who later gained the name “the sea angel”.

During their studies, they aimed to discover the most unknown and rare creatures who live in the depth of the waters.
And when investigating the Sea they suddenly met the most charming butterfly who later was given the name of the sea angel.

And they are popular for their bright and special coloring. These marine creatures live about 1500 feet below the water and that’s why it’s difficult for people to spot them. And it was a great achievement for the biologist who came across it.

They are about 1.5-1.7 inches. And the experts said that it was a pleasure for them to witness such lovely creatures.

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