The German dog was stolen but luckily was found after 14 months

The German dog was stolen but luckily was found after 14 months.

The little German Shepherd called Rico was lost in 2019. According to its owners, the dog ran to the yard to find a toy and was lost.

They could not imagine how such a thing could happen.
So, in search of finding the animal, the owners interviewed all the neighbors and checked all possible places.

One of them told how the stranger dragged the dog on the street but there was not any proof.
George was trained as a service dog. He lived with the family for only 4 weeks but became dear to them.

The owners looked for him for more than 6 months but could not find him.
Sometimes later something magical has happened.

Someone knocked on the door.
The family hurried to open the door and saw their dog there.

Natasha said that she never lost her hope of finding her pet. Moreover, every time she saw a dog she imagined it could be her Rico.
The couple told how life was difficult without their lovely friend.

They did not know where the animal could be but indeed they were very happy to see him again.
Now, the family did everything for its well-being.

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