The fisherman fed a big flock who gathered on the boat

Eagles are considered to be an American symbol. But you cannot often see eagles in the US. But in Alaska, there are a huge number of eagles. There are about 600 eagles.

Dutch Harbor is the largest fishing spot in Alaska and that’s why eagers gather there to search for food.
Here the water is full of seafood. So, the fisherman always leaves something for them.

Once, a man decided to take a picture of such an amazing moment.
So, he threw shrimps to feed eagles.

And they gathered on the deck and ate the food. And soon many eagles came to there,
After this, the man continued filming them. And it was amazing that these many bald eagles gathered together. You cannot see such moments often and this was a rare thing.

Bird lovers would also enjoy such moments. These pictures appeared on social media and were widely spread. Also, it got thousands of likes and comments. Everyone liked the photos. Let’s hope that the man would continue feeding the eagles and taking pictures of them.

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