The family waited to have 3 babies but had 5

A happy and unexpected thing happened with the Merkulov family in 2017.
The family could not expect so. That was a shock for them.

The woman was pregnant and the ultrasound showed 3 babies at first and then the 4th one. So, the fifth baby was a surprise for the family.

Anastasia had some problems and could not get pregnant for several years.
And having so many children at once was unexpected but at the same time real happiness for them.

The family now has 4 sons and 1 daughter.
Then the family moved to a bigger house.

Anastasia at the same time manages to look after all her children and also do some gardening. But she can not work yet. She has to look after the house and her kids. They all take the time.

The father works to be able to keep all of them. But he also helps his wife at home. The father also enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Luckily, the kind grandparents are also ready to help the big family when needed.
Let’s wish them luck.

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