The dying pet spent her last days with her owner

The dying pet spent her last days with her owner.

There are many advantages to keeping an animal. When you have a pet you are getting love, loyalty, and endless support from them. But indeed there are also some responsibilities to take as a dog owner.

Before keeping a dog make sure you will give him the necessary food, provide him with regular walks, and other necessary stuff like this. Also, in some cases, the dog owners had some problems and sometimes had to make a decision.

For example, when you see your animal having some pains, who has to decide whether to let them continue living or not. And if you decide your dog to pass away you appear in a very hard state. You understand that you will be left without your loyal friend who was always with you.

This owner wanted to make her dog happy in her last days. She gave her lots of love and warmth. Her pet was too old and struggled with senility which even did not allow her to enjoy the everyday activities with her owner.

The owner hardly accepted the fact that she should let the dog go. She was so attached to her dog and confesses that it is very difficult for her to make such a decision. And she believes that her dog will forgive her.

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