The dying cougar came to a rehabilitation center to get help and got another chance of living

The poor cougar did not have another chance besides coming to the hospital and asking for help.
Wild animals did not like the cases when people lived nearby.

They differ from domestic animals who can live with humans. But this is a story about a starving cougar who came to the hospital and asked for help. And thanks to the kind people he is now alive. But the staff was shocked when they saw the animal and immediately understood that something was wrong with it.

Then, it turned out that the wild animal had some serious problems and also a little chance of surviving.
The director of the hospital would not leave the animal alone after examining its condition.

But the animal was lucky enough to appear in a safe place and be cured by such kind and caring people. Now he is in the process of recovering.

He will stay there for some time till he will be fully recovered and feel well. Then he will be released into the wild.
He did not know how to look after himself and hunt. So he is saved thanks to the professionals of the clinic.

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