The donkey who was left alone after birth finally found comfort in his savior

The poor donkey was left alone and then raised by a man who saved him and then decided to adopt. See the animal named Black who warms everyone’s heart. The donkey was saved by a kind man who was one of the best animal owners.

Although the animal is now happy, he had a tragic story. Fortunately, he now enjoys his life. He was left alone since birth.
This poor animal was saved by the kind man at the right time. Now he gets all the attention and care that he needs from his owner.

They also tried to convince the mom to look after her baby but all attempts were in vain.
The owner also had 3 dogs and he was very careful and attentive with them. The donkey was also very excited to see the dogs there.

They all loved each other from first sight. They also started to share their day together and even did everything together. After some time the donkey started to think that he is also a dog. His behavior and attitude show that he thinks he’s a dog.

Sometimes he even moves his tail when seeing their owner. So, this was an amazing moment to see all of them together.

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