The dog who was living in the woods understands that the man wouldn’t hurt him

The dog who was living in the woods understands that the man wouldn’t hurt him.

Throwing animals into the street is the worst thing. In this story, there is such cruelty presented more than one time.

When Judy was walking in the woods she noticed a dog. It was clear that the animal was domestic, but he turned and ran to the forest. Judy tried to call him but it was pointless. The woman understood that the animal did not trust anyone.

Now women left food on the road where Judy passed every day. One day she noticed that the food was not there. This process continued for some moment until Judy saw it.

When the dog left the forest the woman tried to call him back. This time the animal managed to somehow overcome his fears.

The woman assured the dog that she would not hurt him, but after some time he ran to the forest again. The girl does not want to give up. So, she decided to help the dog regardless of the conditions.

For some time she gave food to the animal. After some time, Iris brought another animal to Judy, an injured pitbull.
The dog was concerned for a sick dog and he started to protect him everywhere. They started to trust each other and the pitbull was now not afraid of her.

Now they persuaded the animals to come with her and brought them to the shelter.

Doctors started to cure them and soon they got rid of all diseases. Now the staff of the shelter was looking for the owners for them. They are best friends and do not want to be separated from each other.

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