The dog was nearly dead as it did not have fur but suddenly she was being saved and underwent a transformation that changed its life

The dog was found in the forest when it was 5 years old.
The poor animal couldn’t even move.

She had a skin infection and as a result, it lost her hair
The special organization, which dealt with helping abandoned animals, took the puppy to the shelter.

It was also difficult to look at the dog, as her skin was completely burned. She had sad eyes and did not want to live.
The shelter staff says that such things sometimes happen to those who did not get any attention from anyone.

This baby only met pain during her life. Nobody wanted to take her for many years.
The dog went for some examinations and it turned out that she has many health problems.

This required special attention and care.
But suddenly her life changes.

The volunteers of the center gave her lots of love and attention.
They tried to motivate the dog and convince her to fight for her life.

They put a warm jacket on her to keep it warm. The volunteers look after her very carefully.
Soon, she found a temporary home where she would be loved.

Care and love helped the animal to survive. She changed and became happy.
When the dog will be fully recovered they all are sure that she will find its permanent home.

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