The dog was found on the road and adopted by the vet, where his life was saved

The driver suddenly found a dog in a bad condition. The poor animal definitely needed help.
The dog was transferred to a Kentucky Humane Society and later he was named Travolta.

The dog was only 1 year old and already had many infections. He was so weak that could not even lift his head.
The vet found the dog and saved his life.

The poor animal weighs only 14 pounds instead of 30 pounds.
And only thanks to the doctors the animal was not only saved but found a loving owner as well.

He got all the necessary treatment and started to feel better.
He also gained the necessary weight and his hair started to grow.

The moment when the dog would be adopted was so emotional that it melted everyone’s heart.
Travolta loved his owner too much.

The whole family loved the animal and they did everything for the dog to never feel alone again. They treated him well and gave him lots of love and support that he needed the most.

This family also kept 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 rabbit.
Now they all live happily together.

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