The dog continuously barks at the biker and leads people to the infant baby who was left alone

The man named Junrel Fuentes Revilla was returning home when a dog blocked the road home.
The dog continuously barked and did not allow him to pass.

The man did not know why the animal acted that way.
So he stopped.

It seemed that the dog asked him to follow him.
When the man followed him he found a baby. The baby was just born. And no one knows how he appeared there.

So the man took him to the hospital and reported about the case.
Doctors could not find any health problems.

The police started to search for the baby’s parents.
So the dog did a great job. And everyone started to show thankfullness to the dog family. S, the center started to raise money to donate to the owner of the dog. And it will be used for taking care of animals.

The volunteers also gave a couple of bags of dog food and other necessary things.
The parents were very grateful to the dog and could not stop crying.

The owners of the dog raised real heroes.

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