The doctor walks through the stress and cures homeless animals for free

Indeed, love and kindness still exist in the world. A doctor named Kwane Stewart is a great example of this.
Animals do not care if we are rich or poor. They did not expect anything from us.

But animals from homeless people could have some problems.
People who keep animals know the importance of visiting the doctor when the animal needs care.

So, one kind of doctor decided to help such poor animals.
He aimed to help as many animals as he could. So, he started to walk across the street and cure those who are in need.

Over time, the doctors cured about 400 animals for free. But recently he opened a GoFundMe page and let people know about it.
Also, he told how his life has changed while doing this job. He started to feel better when helping poor animals.

So, he wanted to do a kind job for animals and he managed to do so.
It’s great that such kind people still exist in the world. Here you can see their photos.

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