The cute animal celebrated its b-day and was glad to see a cake made special for her

A chihuahua called Daisy pleased its owners every day for many years. And now it was its 15th birthday party. So, to see the animal happy the family wanted to arrange a party for her.

‘We decided to have a big party for that amazing day,” says the owner.
All her loved ones gathered to celebrate the day. The family also decorated the home the way he would love. They also prepared a special cake for her.

So when Daisy saw the cake she started to cry in happiness. She could not help such a surprise. So she was the happiest one. Though she was not as active as a couple of years ago. She enjoyed having fun with everyone. Now she celebrates her birthday with her family.

She was happy to have such a caring family who always surrounded her.

Daisy is a big part of our family and our happiness, said the owners. So, they always do their best to please the dog. We love her with all our hearts, they added.

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