The cat decided not to stay alone anymore

The little cat appeared in the shelter in Poland. Now the baby needs a temporary place to stay.
But he was lucky as the woman called Magdalena adopted him.

The animal was feeling lonely and in the home, he started to stick all the animals.
The baby was given the name Andrzej. When he appeared in the home no one could imagine that it could bring so much happiness to him.

‘When he came home he was a shy creature but when he grew up he became a playful and joyful animal’ says the woman.
The kitten named Malaika first saw Andrezej. They loved each other from the very first moment and immediately fell asleep together.

The puppy was shy at first. But his new friend did not stop and did his best to help it to overcome his fears. And now they are best friends.

When Dres saw Andrzej he was scared. But then the cat started to follow it and did not leave him alone even for a second.
Then, the dog understood that it was possible to become friends with Andrzej.

Now the little cat is very happy and is ready to play with all of them.
The cat grows up and then needs to find him a permanent home.

He quickly found new owners and now should leave its home.
He easily gets along with his new family members and now lives with them.

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