The broken animal was left alone but fate made him happy

The broken animal was left alone but fate made him happy.

When the dog was taken from the Zoo he became very happy. But after a short time, the owners brought the animal back as they decided to exchange the animal with another one.


So, Capone is again alone. His behavior was changed and he did not want to eat anything. He lost the meaning of his life.
Before that, the dog always wagged his tail every time he saw a new visitor.

Now he feels alone and does not have any hope for the future.
Every time people took an animal from the shelter he was again left alone in his cage.


Then, to do something for the animal the shelter workers decided to share a post on Facebook to search for owners. And it helped, a couple of users wanted to adopt the animal.
One couple decided to meet the poor dog. They brought a present with them.

The magic happened and the dog started to trust people again and he ran towards this couple.

And this was the start of his new life. They both wanted to do everything to make the dog glad.
When they came to their home the dog started to smile.
Now they all live together.

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