The brave dog saves the baby’s life who was buried by his mom

The brave dog saves the baby’s life who was buried by his mom.

We heard different stories about brave dogs who are the close friends of people and ready to help them even by risking themselves.

In this story, the hero is again a dog named Ping Pong who lived in Thailand. This hero found a little baby who was buried by his mother.

Unfortunately, the dog loses his legs during the car accident. But he remains a loyal and kind animal.
Once, people noticed him doing something. Nisaka hurried to examine what happened when he heard crying noises.

The animal continued to bark and it seemed that he wanted to show something. Then Usa noticed someone and people immediately asked to help the baby and took him to the hospital.

The doctors announced that everything is good with the baby and now he is feeling well.
After some investigation, it turned out that the mother of the baby was a teenager who, being scared by her father’s response, tried to hide the baby.

The mother should be punished for her actions but now she’s undergoing some examinations. The mother explained that she was so afraid that did not understand the consequences of such action.

So, she was scared of her parents’ response.

But now thanks to the dog the baby is alive. And all the people from the village respect the heroic dog.

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