The afraid dog found peace in her little lovely friend.

The afraid dog found peace in her little lovely friend.

Dogs are kind creatures who help people to cope with difficulties with their understanding attitude. When we feel bad and hopeless, those kind creatures bring happiness to our life.

Sometimes, these are moments when they feel bad and they need our help also. Nora, who had a tough past and a little Archie,who was just a year old became friends starting the moment they saw each other. Their friendship story shows again how powerful the bond between humans and animals could be.

Nora had a hard life. Her ex-owners treated her so badly that it influenced her psychology and harmed her.
Nora was afraid of everyone and everything. She did not allow anyone to get closer to her.

But suddenly life changed for the better when she and Archie became friends. This kind of baby helped her to forget her past, and become calm.

Once those two creatures met they loved each other endlessly and became best friends forever. Gradually their bond became stronger and stronger.

Nore loves Archie very much. She followed Archie everywhere, they even ate and played together. So, Archie changed Nora’s life for the better, making her feel safe and secure.

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