Ostrich helped the poor elephant and they became close friends at the animal shelter

Animals always amaze us with their unreal friendship and they will never stop doing so. These creatures, like people, always comfort and help each other when needed.

But the amazing story about real friendship among various species will melt your hearts.
See Pea and Jotto who became friends immediately after meeting each other. This connection was something magical.

When the rescue team found the baby elephant, he was so little and had a small chance of surviving. But he got a second chance to live.
After a short time, the rescue team also found 2 orphaned ostriches who moved to the same place where the elephant was.

Nobody would think that they will love each other and become friends.
So, they were transferred to a National park where they got another chance to live.

And the friendship started from here. Pea was always with Jotto. She gave him lots of love and support, who needed it the most.
And this caring connection helped both of them to cope with their difficulties. Now they are inseparable. Moreover, they spend most of their time together.

Jotti was very glad to have such a friend.
Once they will grow up they will go to the wild.

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