No one could expect that this rare white lion would born at the safari park

The Chinese safari park celebrated its new residents.
All lion cubs are healthy and feeling good.

The workers will look after them till they will grow enough to join the rest of the lions.
And this staff is very glad as they met the sweet cubs.

All cubs are very cute and charming.
White lions are considered to be rare and special animals.

And their specialty is connected to the gene named leftism.
In such cases, their fur changes its color and becomes white, but eyes and lips remain the same.

Unluckily, these special animals are often afraid.
Moreover, their life is endangered.

It’s unknown how many of these species live but some research shows that there are about 300 all over the world.
So, it’s real happiness for them when a lion is born. And these lions are special with their color and at the same time.

These animals should be discovered and kept well as they are very charming.
This planet is full of such endangered animals.

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