Meet Madame Eyebrows, who is considered to be the saddest looking dog in the world, who never feels happy

A German dog received the title of being the world’s saddest animal and this was because of her special face color and not because of its character.

She had 2 dark stripes that reduced the corner of her eyes and made her look sad.
And because of this she always seems unhappy.

But his owners say that this look does not correspond to its character.
She is a powerful and active dog.

She also had an Instagram page and dozens of followers.
And the name was given to her by her followers.

Before the photos appeared on the Internet the family called the dog Thea.
The family says that the pet was always in the middle of everyone’s attention.

Even her pictures were printed in the magazines.
The psychologists claim that the anatomy of their eyebrows changed over the years.

Now its emotions are difficult to understand. And you cannot know whether the animal is happy or sad by looking at her face.
But her family loves her endlessly.

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