Meet a little puppy who slept on his savior’s shoulders

Meet a little puppy who slept on his savior’s shoulders.

Once Annad Raman visited her sister who was in Dubai and when he noticed a poor dog wandering on the street he stopped the car. When the dog looked at him he saw that his legs were not normal. But the puppy was very glad and moved his tail.

He immediately loved the dog.
So, he took the animal to the hospital and the dog slept while reaching there.

Later it turned out that the dog had rickets in his legs and the treatment would not give a long-time result.
The man could take the pet home and clean it. And when he did this the pet became snow-white.

The man wanted to make the dog happy. But it would be difficult for him as the puppy was used to the street life and even if the men went from home he thought that he could again stay alone.

But soon he realized that it was his home and he had a place to stay.
He did not sleep when the man went out and always waited for him to come back. Also, the man says that he treats the guests and children.

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