Mama deer moved near the door to show her kids to her close friend’s dog

Mama deer moved near the door to show her kids to her close friend’s dog.

The strong friendship between different kinds of animals is amazing. This story is about a friendship that lasted more than 11 years. A deer named Buttons has a close friend named Golden Retriever G-Bro.

Lorry did not know how to deal with deer when she saved her. But one of her friends knew how to take care of her and she asked him to do so. Buttons became a new member of their family and she became a friend for the dog. When Buttons went to the wild she continued visiting her family every day.

So, she could not imagine life without her family, who took care of her. And she wanted to see her best friend every day. And this unique connection is very amazing.

When Buttons needed someone’s help, she visited her best friends and while showing her kids expected support. So, when G-bro saw his friend’s babies he had some special emotions and started to take care and also be a real father for them. He started to follow them everywhere and protect them from everything and everyone.

So, Button came back every day to the home to see her kids. She was knocking on the door and did not wait for an invitation. She continued considering herself as one of the members of the family.

These two like playing and being outside most of the time. Hope, that such kind of friendship will last forever.

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