Blind Dachshund and one of his close friends Pit bull finally reunited.

Blind Dachshund and one of his close friends Pit bull finally reunited.

Pitbull is 6 years old and Dachshund OJ is 12.
There is an unusual connection between these 2 creatures, Dozen even took care of OJ as he is blind. Once OJ decided to take the pitbull from the shelter and starting from that they became friends.

However, the owner once lost her job, home and had to live in the streets. So, she had to give the animals to the shelter because she couldn’t take care of them anymore. She asked the shelter workers not to separate the animals as they could not live without each other.

Suddenly one of the residents saw a dachshund wandering near his home. That person took the dog and gave him to the shelter.
The workers immediately found who was the owner of the animal and called her.

However, the woman refused to take the dachshund but wanted the pitbull to stay.
But how can they separate these animals?

The story of the animals is widely spread on the internet and people wonder whether they will meet again. Fortunately, after some time the woman decided to hand over Dozer. So, finally two best friends met and they were very happy.

Now the animals live in the shelter and they will not separate anymore. But this story does not end yet.
In the near future the shelter workers will try to find a new home for these creatures but demanding not to separate them anymore.

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