An old woman fought with a big alligator to save her pet

An old woman fought with a big alligator to save her pet.

Many people are ready to risk their lives to save their animals. Such deep love and strong relationships will shock everyone. This is a story of a brave owner who endangered her life to save her pet from a big alligator.

Most probably you could not believe this but this is a true story.
The owner got a serious injury with her dog but thanks to God they were alive.

The story started in this way: As usual, the woman went for a walk with her dog and once they came near the lake the woman freed the dog so that he could feel comfortable. But the woman did not even imagine that this could be fatal for them.

While they were playing something moved in the water.
The woman was shocked when she noticed a huge alligator.

She appeared in the lake and started to fight against it to save her dog without hesitation. And because of this, she got serious facial injuries.
Her thought was to save her pet.

Then they visited the doctors to be sure that everything is good for them.
They were happy as they both survived and are alive.

But the woman was somehow depressed and did not want to visit the park anymore.

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