An officer stays with his lovely horse to be with her in her last moments

An officer stays with his lovely horse to be with her in her last moments.

The day became a nightmare for the policeman and his lovely animal partner. Because of an accident, the animal got serious injuries. She was lying on the ground and living her final moments with her best friend who tried to comfort her. That was a very emotional moment.

The day something terrible happened on the street. The horse was hit by a truck and then she ran towards the street. The officer could not believe his eyes. But it was too late for the horse.

With many injuries, the horse named Charlotte was having her last breaths on the street. The officer did not know what to do and how to help the horse. So he stayed with his loyal horse in her last minutes. He lied near the horse, hugged her, and wanted to relax her. They had an amazing connection and that moment melted everyone’s hearts.

Later the police department heard that the lovely dog had passed away and they shared a post about the horse on their Facebook page.
“We are sad to announce that Charlotte passed away while she was doing her duties. The horse loved her job very much and she served the citizens for four years. We will miss her so much”.
The Police department also posted some photos of the horse.

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